Hot Bodz Clothing Company Affiliate Program

Want to make some Hot Bodz Bucks? Become an affiliate today and earn your share! No website? No problem! We're open to everyone!


What are Hot Bodz Bucks?
Hot Bodz Bucks are store credits that you earn through our affiliate program. Whenever someone clicks our link using your website as a starting point, you will earn a percentage amount, depending on the total of that person's sale. Hot Bodz Bucks can be used towards products here on the official Hot Bodz Clothing website.

Why Should You Care?
Why shouldn't you? It's free stuff! No gimmicks or tricks. For every person who orders from us because of your referral, you'll earn 5% commission. Commissions will be paid in the form of "Hot Bodz Bucks," which is in-store credit, valid here at the official Hot Bodz Clothing website.

So How Exactly Does This Work? What Do You Do?
Simple! Just click "Continue" at the bottom of this page, and fill out the fields like so.

  • Remember to put in 9 zeros in the Tax ID box. ( 000000000 )

  • In the box below that, fill out your address- whether it be home or company.

  • As you can see, the final field is for an address, which is listed as the address that "checks will be payable to." Affiliates will only be paid in Hot Bodz Bucks. It is our webhost that marks the field for checks, and unfortunately we can't change it. So, please remember, commissions will only be paid in Hot Bodz Bucks (store credit).

    What If You Don't Have A Website?
    If you're looking to advertise us without using a website, this is how it will work. When you sign up on the next page, instead of filling in an email, fill out YOUR NAME. As in, instead of "", put in your first and last name.

    Whether or not you have a website, once you complete this form, you will receive an email from us within 24-hours containing your unique URL- the link that is specifically tied to your name- to pass on to your friends and others. This email will also contain other various instructions and information.

    What Are Some Proven Methods To Earn Hot Bodz Bucks?
    There are a ton of ways you can advertise! The possibilities are limitless! Get paid for your connections!

  • Email Your Link to People in Your Address Book
  • Post Your Link On your Facebook or other networking page!
  • Are You A Gym Owner? Pass Out Catalogs In Your Gym!
  • Post Our Banner On Your Webpage!
  • Plug Us In Your Favorite Forums!

  • The possibilities are truly endless. Sky's the limit!

    Questions? Confused? Click here to send us an email with any and all concerns you may have.