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Oasis Premium Dress Shirt
Oasis Premium Dress Shirt
Our Price: $49.00

Oasis Premium Dress Shirt. First Class with a Twist of Tie Dye. Was $89! Make your entrance with the maximum fit of this 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Tie Dyed textured long sleeve dress shirt. Designed for the well built, you will enjoy a wider cut shoulder with a fine taper at the waist. The brand new Hot Bodz exclusive style is fresh and climatically cool with sleeves that can be rolled up or down for a sophisticated and well polished look.

Invicta Premium Dress Shirt
Invicta Premium Dress Shirt
Our Price: $59.00

Invicta Premium Dress Shirt. Was $89! Accelerate. Sleek Style! We can't help obsess over all the exquisite details that turn the ordinary in the extraordinary. The brand new bodybuilder cut long sleeve dress shirt is revved up in cool 100% cotton and has a naturally enticing plaid textured fabric that is sexy and sophisticated - making it a standout among button down shirts. Designer buttons and debonair darting in the front and back, offer a customized bodybuilder fit that will have you across the finish line first.

Monero Premium Dress Shirt
Monero Premium Dress Shirt
Our Price: $89.00

Monero Premium Dress Shirt. NEW! Relax. Revitalize. Rediscover. Step out of the ordinary and discover a destination like no other with the new long sleeve dress shirt. This celebrated custom fit bodybuilder shirt has been reborn while still retaining its integrity. With luxurious 100% Cotton, it allows you to recognize and reconnect with what inspires. Subtle yet exquisite designer printed fabric adorned with contrast lined collar, cuff and placket are one of many small details that lead to big things. Let us take you there!